Miley Gate: Perez Hilton Goes on the Defensive — Says Miley Displays Shocking Behavior


Okay, who knew that Perez Hilton was such a stickler for proper and polite behavior? I sure didn’t. He has, himself, a tendency to rude and crude. But apparently with the scandalous photos he posted on his Twitter account – he feels some sense of responsibility to teach Miley Cyrus a thing or two about how to properly exit a car. Isn’t that the job of Miley’s mom and dad?

Perez said to Joy Behar on CNN, “The point of me choosing that one photo is because it was showing Miley getting out of the car in an unladylike fashion,” he said. “And I just thought that was funny and in keeping with her shocking behavior of late, because she was very well aware that she was in a public place at a video shoot and that there were paparazzi present.”

So he thinks she’s displaying “shocking behavior?” Is adding even more shock value by posting what looked like nudie pics of the 17-year-old the best way to address the issue? I think not. But he has defended the image saying  “I feel like if everyone saw this image in question, they would clearly see that you’re not seeing anything down there that you’re not supposed to,” Hilton said. “It’s definitely not child pornography and it’s definitely not illegal.” He continued saying about the photos that, “It’s not actually doing anything worse than Miley herself has been doing recently, from grinding up on her 40-something-year-old director to pole dancing to all the over-sexualized things that she has been doing and turning herself into this creature.”

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Again, Perez ain’t her parent and policing her by posting completely inappropriate, although altered, photos for the world to see does nothing to help her grow into a classy young lady. Next time Perez, leave the parenting to the actual parents.

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