Milla Jovovich & Her Daughter Ever Sure Do Love Seaweed! (Photos)

Milla Jovovich and Daughter LOVE Seaweed

I don’t know about your kid, but mine? She loves seaweed. I’m not sure if it’s a regional thing or what but here in San Francisco, and by the looks of it also down in Los Angeles, one of the top snack choices for the kid set is a variety of seasoned seaweeds.

At Trader Joe’s there are piles of them by the cash register, at Whole Foods they sell a variety of flavors and at Bristol Farms in LA, well that’s where movie star and model Milla Jovovich goes to stock up.

Milla and her daughter Ever were spotted leaving the store with a cart full of groceries, but the most notable thing were the boxes, yes boxes of seaweed snack packs! It looks like Milla took all they had in stock!

Check out more photos of Milla and Ever plus see what kind of seaweed they were getting right here!

  • Milla Jovovich 1 of 5
    Milla Jovovich
    Milla has her hands full!
  • Annie Chun’s Seaweed 2 of 5
    Annie Chun's Seaweed
    Looks like they REALLY love this brand of seaweed!
  • Milla and Ever 3 of 5
    Milla and Ever
    Ever has gotten so big!
  • Ever Enjoying an Afternoon Drink 4 of 5
    Ever Enjoying an Afternoon Drink
    Ever was spotted drinking a Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk.
  • Milla and Ever Shopping. 5 of 5
    Milla and Ever Shopping.
    It's sweet to see a celeb taking their kids grocery shopping just like the rest of us!


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