Milla Jovovich Says No to Modeling for Daughter Ever


See this picture of Milla Jovovich, striking a pose? It’s exactly what she’s trying to avoid for her two-year-old daughter, Ever Gabo. In fact, she thinks that encouraging your kids to go into the business is “creeepy”.

The model turned actress started modeling at 12 years of age, in order to help out her family, who were struggling as immigrants recently arrived from Russia. According to Jovovich, her mother “saw talent in me and she wanted to make the best and most out of it”. But doing so came at a cost–one she wants to avoid for her daughter.
“There is no real use for Ever to work. I definitely want my daughter to just be a child. Work hard in school and find your passion, slowly.”

Other showbiz moms seem to have fewer objections to letting their young daughters follow in their footsteps. Recently, Madonna handed the reins of her clothing venture Material Girl to 13-year-old daughter, Lourdes. And Heidi Klum has said she plans to allow her oldest daughter, Leni to help her design for her clothing lines.

What do you do if you are a woman with a high-profile entertainment career? Do you actively discourage your kids from following you, or do you seek ways to bring them into the business that are less exploitative than modeling or becoming a pop star (like fashion design)?


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