Milla Jovovichs 4-Year-Old Daughter Ever Sends Special Message To President Obama (Video)

Milla Jovovich's daughter Ever

While many Americans out there are bashing one another over their choice in President and voting preferences, there’s one little girl out there with a sweet, simple message.

Actress and celebrity mom Milla Jovovich shared a video she made on election day of her 5-year-old daughter Ever and her very special message to President Obama on this very white-knuckle night (it’s just so close, isn’t it?). In the video, which was shot in Milla’s home kitchen, Ever – who looks so much like her famous mom – pretty much makes me want to turn off both CNN and Fox News and wish that there were other toddlers out there with more of a say when it comes to the political climate of our country!

Take a look at the video here and tell us, did you go out and vote today? And if so, how did you explain the voting process to your children? Did they have a saw on who should win the Presidential election?

Photo via Tweetreal