Million Dollar Listing - Where Is Justin Bieber Look-a-Like Chad Rogers?

million dollar listing
Million Dollar Listing - Where's Chad?

For those of you tuning in to the premiere of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing tonight, the show will be minus one of the original stars.  Realtor Chad Rogers has been replaced in the current season with a new bad boy who is destined to stir up trouble.   So what happened to Chad Rogers?

The pretty boy somewhat compulsive Chad Rogers apparently suffered from some of those infamous “creative differences” with the production staff of the hit Bravo show.  While he has starred in the show’s second and third seasons (when the show decided to focus only on three young real estate agents), Chad was always a bit of an awkward fit.  He somehow appeared to believe that he was much cooler than he was in reality and often left others feeling a bit uncomfortable.   For his part, Chad isn’t talking about his split from the show and has removed all references to his reality tv past from his website.  He is now focusing on his non-reality-TV career endeavors.    Maybe he was just feeling jealous that Justin Bieber somehow made his iconic haircut cool! 

Photo: Bravo TV