Mindy McCready Has One Baby, Not Two

Mindy McCready

It looks like country star Mindy McCready wasn’t pregnant with twins, as she announced to the world late last fall. The former chart topper just gave birth to one son, and not two, as was expected.

The troubled singer welcomed her son Zayne on April 9 and according to her spokesperson, both mother and son are doing fine. She tells People Magazine:

“Zayne is truly a blessing and a joy. It was a long and trying pregnancy; we’re so happy he’s here. There are no words to convey how happy we are.”

But what about all that twins talk? Well, her rep tells E! Online:

“At the time of the initial announcement surrounding Mindy’s pregnancy, in consideration of her size, Mindy was certain she was carrying twins. A misinterpreted sonogram seemed to support her feelings and excitement.”




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