Miner With Wife And Girlfriend: Wife Standing Her Ground, Won't Visit Him In Hospital

yonni barrios
Miner With Wife And Girlfriend: Yonni Barrios

Yonni Barrios has certainly made a name for himself as the “Miner With a Wife and Girlfriend” in the wake of the dramatic Chilean miners rescue.

While he was trapped underground, it was revealed that he indeed had a mistress, named Susana Valenzuela. When the news came that the miners would finally be rescued, he asked for both his wife, Marta Salinas, and his mistress, Susana, to be waiting for him at the top. Salinas refused, saying “it is her or me.”

Now that all 33 miners are safe and sound, they are spending the next few days in a local hospital for observation. Marta Salinas is standing her ground, and is refusing to visit Barrios in the hospital. She said, “If he wants to see me or talk to me he can come find me. Otherwise we will talk through our lawyers. I have his belongings and all these gifts people have sent him he is welcome to have them.”

Salinas is the mother of three sons from a relationship previous to her marriage to Barrios. She says that she is “over” her husband, and she’s no doubt over his cheating ways too.