Miners Mistress: Did Some Women Pose As Mistresses To Try And Get Miners' Money?

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Did Women Pose As Miners' Mistresses To Get Money?

Some people will do pretty much anything to make a buck. It’s sad, but it’s a fact that’s true. There is a lot of buzz around Yonni Barrios, the Chilean miner whose mistress met him at the scene of his rescue instead of his wife. It turns out that he wasn’t the only trapped miner who had women insisting that they were the mistress of one of the men.

Early on after the accident happened, random women started coming forward trying to lay claim to the miners, and their share of the money. Supposedly at least five other wives have run into women who are claiming to be their husbands’ mistresses. One miner even had four different women fighting over who was the true mistress, because they heard that the miners’ families were receiving money to assist them until the men could be rescued.

While some of the miners do have children from different women, making each of them equally entitled to a share of their money, we can’t help but wonder if some of these women were posing as mistresses in a desperate effort to put a little cash in their pockets.

It seems sad that someone would go to such lengths to get money. If any of these women were impostors, then they definitely didn’t consider the fact that they might break up the miner’s families.

Now that all of the Chilean miners have been rescued, something tells me that they all better secure really good lawyers.