Minka Kelly Confident In Her Own Skin: Sets Great Example For Young Girls

Minka Kelly
Minka Kelly Is Confident In Her Own Skin

With so much pressure on young girls and teenagers these days as far as looking and being perfect goes, it is refreshing to see a Hollywood actress speak out and inspire confidence in them. Minka Kelly of Friday Night Lights was just named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, but she isn’t letting that title go to her head.

Minka embraces being a woman and says, “I’m confident in my skin, and I’m cool with my flaws and all that stuff.” I’m sure that most people would look at her and think that she doesn’t have very many flaws, but everyone has insecurities no matter how beautiful or famous they are. It is good for young girls to hear someone as high-profile as Kelly admit that she isn’t perfect.

It is such a breath of fresh air to hear her talking about being confident and happy instead of being a size two and cellulite-free. If you ask me, Hollywood needs more girls like Minka Kelly.

Photo: Pacific Coast News