Minnie Driver Talks About Motherhood

Premiere Motherhood NYMinnie Driver is just adorable. She may be my new/old girl crush, but I’ve liked her a long time. Remember that movie she did with Chris O’Donnell, Circle of Friends, yes, well I’ve liked her since then.

She talked about parenting during the round table interview for Motherhood.

What about parenting has thrown you?

Minnie: The unquantifiable love. It just takes my breath away. My son’s face in the morning … it feels like Christmas. It’s also terrifying though. You can’t really go there to think about the absence of that. Everyone tells you about the love but you can’t know it until you have it. It just blows your mind. Yeah…(happy sigh)…Henry.

How was it working on the movie while pregnant?

Minnie: Oh it was horrible. Just awful. I really don’t recommend it. I was close to tears one evening on the phone with my mum whimpering “I just want to go home and iron onesies!” She laughed at me saying, “You’ll have plenty of time to do laundry love. Don’t worry.”

Do you think you’ll have more kids?

Minnie: Oh I really want to. I want to have them soon. I’m 39 and a part of me wishes I would have started ten years ago but I know where I was then and there was no way. I’m expecting to have another baby at some point, but if I don’t it will be ok because I have my Henry.

What would you tell Henry if he said he wanted to be an actor?

Minnie: Good luck…and I’ll always cook for you when you’re totally broke. (laughs)

What do you think about the paparazzi photographing children?

Minnie: In England we have pornography laws where you can’t take photos of children. There should absolutely be legislation like that in this country. The children get frightened. Henry burst into tears at airport one time when the photographers were up in his face with flashing lightbulbs. There’s something very rabid about their energy because they don’t see you as a human being all they see is what they can sell in the magazines. The editors have a responsibility that they’re not taking. They could choose not to publish endless photographs of these little babies on swings in parks on playdates. It’s gross. Those poor children have done nothing to deserve that except be born to famous parents. I haven’t gotten in trouble with those guys yet but God knows if they did ANYTHING to my kid….well, if you see me in jail, get all the moms together and come support me with a banner or something.

Should we be watching for a baby bump sometime soon? I really think I want to see her new film to see if really portrays motherhood like it really is.


Article Posted 7 years Ago
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