Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom Are Hands-On Parents: No Nanny Here!

Miranda Kerr and baby Flynn

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr may be celebrities but they see to be pretty down to earth when it comes to parenting “in Hollywood”.

They are both very hands-on parents.  They don’t have a nanny!

“It’s whoever has their hands free,” Kerr, 28, laughs. “When I’m not working we don’t have a nanny.”

Bloom loves to change diapers.  Kerr said, “He’s very hands on. I really couldn’t ask for a better dad.”

Meanwhile, Kerr is still breastfeeding her 9-month old son Flynn.

While working the runway at the fashion show, Miranda said, “I have to express milk and send it back to (Flynn) and then try and see him on my breaks.”

Kerr has been flying around the world with little Flynn; they were spotted at JFK. Just look at Flynn he is gorgeous!

Those eyelashes!