Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Stroll With Flynn in NYC (Photos)

orlando bloom miranda kerr
Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr with baby Flynn in New York.

New York City may be incredibly crowded, but if you keep your eyes open, it’s actually a great place to spot celebrities passing by! Orlando Bloom and wife Miranda Kerr were spotted there over the weekend taking a leisurely stroll with their baby, Flynn.

Even though they tried their best to blend in with the rest of the people on the busy streets, there’s just really no mistaking a high profile couple like them.

Miranda and Orlando kept little Flynn covered up with a blanket for most of their walk, either to shield him from the paparazzi or possibly to keep him warm.

Flynn did finally make an appearance, and as you can see from the photos below, he’s beyond adorable!


  • Gorgeous Couple 1 of 4
    Gorgeous Couple
    Seriously...could Orlando & Miranda get any more attractive?
  • Covered Up 2 of 4
    Covered Up
    Little Flynn was well hidden under a blanket!
  • Peek-A-Boo! 3 of 4
    There he is! Flynn is about the cutest celeb baby EVER!
  • Supermodel Mama 4 of 4
    Supermodel Mama
    There's no mistaking Miranda for a regular mom, even in crowded NYC!