Miranda Kerr's Celeb Mom Style: Not Quite "Mom" Enough?

miranda kerr
Miranda Kerr's Style Isn't Very Mom-Like!

Miranda Kerr has been flaunting her svelte figure ever since giving birth to baby Flynn back in January, but this time, she may have gone a little bit too far.

Check out Miranda’s celeb mom style (or lack thereof) in this photo. Is that really the kind of top that a mom should wear? And especially the mother of an infant?

Miranda was photographed out and about wearing the totally see-through shirt as if trying to prove a point that she’s the hottest parent on the planet or something like that.

Her recent bikini photos are enough to show the world that she’s managed to get her pre-baby body back, so why does Miranda Kerr feel the need to prance around New York City in basically nothing more than a bra?

Trust us, Miranda, you’re smokin’ hot. It’s okay to put a sweater on.

Photo: PRPhotos


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