Mirapakaya Movie Review: Do Critics Like New Ravi Teja Film?

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"Mirapakaya" movie review: Is Ravi Teja movie worth seeing?

Ravi Teja’s much-anticipated new Telugu film “Mirapakaya” was released today. The anticipated blockbuster was directed by Harish Shankar and produced by Ramesh Puppala, and it co-stars Prakash Raj, Richa Gangopadhyay and Deeksha Seth. Is it worth using a date night on? Here’s a “Mirapakaya” movie review roundup so you can decide for yourself! Overall the movie promises to be a pure entertainer, but the verdict will be awaited after the audience ventures the movie. Director Harish Shankar, who portrayed Raviteja as a serious action hero in Shock movie didn’t try to go against the tide this time. Raviteja too did a film Khatarnak with similar theme. However, Hairsh Shankar gives this a new flavor to keep the audience glued to the screen.

Chitrimala: As per the sources Mirapakaya got some positive talk from the film industry persons. Ravi Teja’s strength is his impulsiveness in action (behavioral action without any drama) and exceptional dialogue delivery with a tinge of accent, Ravi Teja displays an unparalleled command over each and every aspect of his authoritative presence on the screen. Be it Comedy or dances or fights, he excels exuberantly and how! His body language is marvelous and suits the character. Mirapakaya is a simple action-comedy, with goons, guns, screaming, cops, and a pair of nothing heroines. But somehow, you don’t seem to mind the monotony of Tollywood’s villainy, Prakash Raj’s zillionth role as an exotic don, the over-simplified romances, or anything else, actually. Harish Shankar didn’t try to showcase his skills as a director. He has sincerely worked for a commercial success. His desperation is understandable but saying so he should have done something ‘special’ to grab the attention.

What did you think of the film?

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