Mirror Mirror Premiere: Stars Julia Roberts & Lily Collins Enchanted! Who Else Was There? (Photos)

Julia Roberts

On Saturday, Hollywood became a bit more enchanted. The stars and their little princesses got all dressed up for the world premiere of the new take on the Snow White tale – the film Mirror Mirror (which opens nationwide on March 30th).

The biggest luminaries on the red carpet were the stars of the film – Julia Roberts and Lily Collins. Lily is stunning in the film as Snow White, while America’s Sweetheart aka Julia Roberts totally played against type in her role as the Evil Queen.

Check out photos of Julia, Lily Collins (and her famous dad!), all the celebrities who came and their families right here!

  • Lily Collins 1 of 11
    Lily Collins
    Lily Collins who does a great Snow White!
  • Phil Collins 2 of 11
    Phil Collins
    Lily Collins dad - Phil Collins!
  • Ali Landry and Daughter Estella 3 of 11
    Ali Landry and Daughter Estella
    Such a cute pair. Love how Estella wore her Snow White costume.
  • Eva LaRue 4 of 11
    Eva LaRue
    Eva brought her daughter.
  • Russell Simmons 5 of 11
    Russell Simmons
    Russell Simmons brought one of his daughter's to the premiere.
  • Gilles Marini 6 of 11
    Gilles Marini
    Gilles Marini, his wife and one of his kids.
  • Julia Roberts 7 of 11
    Julia Roberts
    The one and only Julia Roberts!
  • Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner 8 of 11
    Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner
    And of course some of the Kardashian clan make an appearance.
  • Marcia Gay Harden 9 of 11
    Marcia Gay Harden
    Marcia Gay Harden showed up!
  • Molly Ringwald 10 of 11
    Molly Ringwald
    Molly Ringwald brought her girls to the movie.
  • Neal McDonough 11 of 11
    Neal McDonough
    Neal McDonough with his wife Ruve McDonough and their children

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