Miss America Pageant America's Choice and Contestants' Choice


Miss America 2011In tonight’s Miss America pageant, two of the semi-finalists were selected by America and two were selected by a vote from the other contestants.

This is the first time that the contestants have had a chance to vote in their own. They were told not to vote for themselves, but since the voting took place so quickly, I wonder if they even had time to check. Though, since they didn’t have a tie across the board, that’s probably not likely.

America voted in Miss New York and Miss Delaware. Miss Delaware has alopecia areata, a skin condition that has left her completely bald. Her confidence speaks volumes, though: she talks about the fabulous wigs and earrings. We love a story like hers, don’t we? Triumphing over the odds.

The contestants voted in Miss Kentucky and Miss Oregon.

We’ll see if any of these vote-ins makes it far in the competition!