Model of the Year Claudia Schiffer Talks About Her Baby Bump


claudia-schiffer-300Last week, a pregnant mom of two was named Model of Year 2010.  Expecting her third child, the supermodel Claudia Schiffer was given that title at the ELLE Style Awards in London. It’s no wonder that motherhood was on her mind. Claudia talked about maternity beauty and style with People’s Celebrity Baby Blog. She said

“I’m not the sort of person who likes to wear tight clothes when I’m pregnant, but I’m not a fan of maternity dresses either, so my advice would be to get things a few sizes bigger and have them tailored to fit.”

As for keeping her stomach in shape she said,  “I do like to put a lot of cream on my tummy, as long it’s natural. I think it really works to help stretch marks and make the skin really nice and soft.” What kind of gooey goodness does she use? She stated that,  “I use several! Balance Me oil is really good, Mama Mio has a thick buttery cream which is amazing and I also use this French organic oil too — I alternate them.”


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