Modern Family Actress Julie Bowen Can Double Breastfeed!


Modern Family’s Julie Bowen went on George Lopez last night and proved that she may be the world’s champion uber-boober. It’s a picture of her double-breastfeeding her twin sons, John and Gus, who are now 1.

On behalf of the breastfeeding mothers on the planet, my hat is off to Bowen. I find breastfeeding one baby pushes my level of coordination to the absolute limit. That she can do two at once pretty must makes her the most talented woman on the planet.

And seriously? I’d keep that photo in my wallet forever. When my kids misbehaved, I’d just whip the picture out. See what I did for you!! When they broke curfew. Do you see the sacrifices I made!! When they tell me to just drop them off down the street from the party because getting a ride from their mother is embarrassing. You want to see embarrassing? I spent a full year practically topless!

And that’s nothing compared to how I’d use it against my husband. You say you had a hard day with the kids? Well, you want to see hard?

Yup, that picture would come in mighty handy, for a very long time.
Other moms of multiples out there – have you breastfed two kids at once? And do other moms see this as the same badge of honor that I do?

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