What Do Modern Family & Glee Have In Common?


Modern Family

Two shows that I love got some sweet cudos on Monday. Both “Glee” and “Modern Family” won the prestigious and well-respected Peabody Award. These two comedies may not have much in common on the surface. One is about three very different but related families and the other is about teens who can really belt out a tune.

But there is something that these two shows do have in common…they celebrate diversity.

Glee’s creator Ryan Murphy called “Glee” “a show about a lot of things. Mostly Madonna. But ‘Glee’ is [also] about diversity.” And “Modern Family” creator and executive producer Steven Levitan said that he loves to hear about viewers “accepting people different than them because they love these characters.”

Both shows feature a multi-cultural cast, have strong gay roles, characters who are both young and old with all of them tackling the topic of how to get along in spite of all their differences.  And they are both about families. “Modern Family” is about the family you are born into, and “Glee” is about the family you create with friends.

But the main thing, neither show hits you over the head in some kind of self-righteous mantra. No, they’re both well written, funny, and best of all wildly entertaining and those Peabody awards? They deserved ‘em.

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