Modern Family: When a Wedge Salad is MORE Than a Wedge Salad


Sometimes it is the little things that your partner does that really drives you crazy. For Claire Dunphy (played by Julie Brown), one of the things that really set her off was the Wedge Salad.

Claire and her husband Phil (played by Ty Burrell) got into a giant argument that resulted in strewn brocoli, a broken oven door and a set off fire extinguisher. But the wedge salad had nothing to do with that. The wedge salad just represented what was bugging Claire.

Claire had been recommending the Wedge Salad to her hubby for years. But only when some random guy recommended it to him did he finally try it, and loved it. And it was something that made her mad, really really mad.

So for those of your, like Phil, who haven’t had the Wedge Salad, it’s basically a slice of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese, tomato and bacon bits sprinkled on top. You can check out Paula Deen’s recipe for the classic right here.

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