Molly Ringwald Gets Wicked with Her Daughter (Photos)

Molly Ringwald

I have no qualms with admitting that Sixteen Candles in one of my favorite movies, like ever.  This John Hughes masterpiece starred the spunky and irresistible charm of the one and only Molly Ringwald. For those of us who are of a certain age, Molly will always have a place in our hearts. So when we see Molly -be it in a cameo on Psych or in The Secret Life of the American Teenager,  we can’t help but get a little giddy.

But Molly, she’s not an awkward teen anymore. She’s a full grown woman and a mom! The now 43-year-old actress and icon was spotted taking her own daughter  – 8-year-old Mathilda Ereni  – to see the Los Angeles opening on the Broadway smash Wicked. She left her two-year-old twins at home.

Check out the adorable duo right here:

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    Molly Ringwald and Her Daughter
    Molly Ringwald and her daughter attending the opening night of "Wicked" at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles.
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    Molly Ringwald
    Molly still looks like the teen we knew and loved! But she's a full grown 43-year-old woman.
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    Molly Ringwald
    How cute is Molly's daughter!
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    Molly Ringwald
    It was mother/daughter date night.
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    Molly Ringwald
    Molly holds on tight to her daughter while being snapped by the paparazzi.



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