Molly Ringwald Introduces Adele and Roman - Photo


molly-ringwald-twins-bornMolly Ringwald welcomed her twins via natural childbirth on July 10. Here she is a less than a month later showing off her munchkins.

Oh my gosh, they are really adorable. Molly talked to People Magazine a little bit about how much easier it was to get pregnant this time and her nightly schedule nowadays.

She said, “After Mathilda was born, I had some things fixed” — surgery to remove fibroids — “that made it easier to get pregnant again.”

“You get up with one of the babies and feed and change that one and get the baby back to sleep, and the other wakes up, and then you feed and change that one.”

“The doctor grabbed [Roman, who was breech] by the foot and pulled him out. Adele had hogged a lot of the oxygen in the blood so right away Roman needed a little more attention. But both babies cried almost immediately.”

Needless to say, her schedule is hectic, but her babies are healthy and she’s happy. What more could you ask for?