Molly Sims Didn't Splurge On Her Maternity Wardrobe

Molly Sims

It looks like pregnant mama-to-be Molly Sims is a sensible, practical person just like most mothers out there. The actress and former model says that unlike many other celebs, she didn’t spend a pretty penny on her maternity wardrobe during this pregnancy.

Molly, who is expecting a baby boy in June with her husband, Scott Stuber, told Fit Pregnancy Magazine:

“One thing I’ve learned is that while you’re pregnant, if you wear tight-fitting clothes, you look thinner.”

“I also didn’t want to spend too much on maternity clothes, so I bought just six skirts and six dresses,” she says. “And I splurged on a pair of silk pajamas.”

Tell us Babble readers, how much did you spend on your maternity wardrobe?

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