Mom Fail: Jennifer Lopez And The Most Awkward Photo Ever

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smurf

You know, even seasoned cougars such as Demi Moore and Madonna are giving some serious side eye to this.

Jennifer Lopez, for whatever reason we might never know, decided to tweet a very awkward looking photo of her down at her shirtless boyfriend’s arm tattoo of a creepy looking skull. Cue Mark Anthony laughing HARD along with his hot supermodel girlfriend somewhere in a swanky hotel room in Mexico City.

We understand that you are sooooo in love with this Casper Smurf dude (typo and in stays), but you can do better than this. And better than him.

What are your thoughts? Has Jennifer lost it? Is this her mom fail? I mean, surely enough her kids are going to see this photo one day and cringe.

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