8 Not-So-Nice Mommy Moments


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    Jeana Keough
    Jeana Keough of Real Housewives of Orange County appears to have a love-hate relationship with castmate Tamra Barney. According to RealityTea, in June 2011 she said, “She’s just a sad person. I feel bad for her children.” In the same interview she adds, “She’s doing a great job with the kids and I hope she has a happy life.” How’s that for mixed messages? (Or, at least, a good PR team.)
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    NeNe Leakes
    Short and not-so sweet: NeNe Leakes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta got the Twittersphere talking when she insulted ROHA alumna Kim Zoliak in just 140 characters. The website WetPaint reported that NeNe tweeted in February 2011, “Talking trash & having a baby by the 3rd man! Now that's real classy.”
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    Kate Gosselin
    As if her hair and all those kids aren’t enough to keep the suitors at bay, Joy Behar gave Kate Gosselin some, er, dating advice during an interview on Behar’s talk show in April 2011. RadarOnline reports that the host said of Kate’s future beau, “I hope it’s someone with a vasectomy … you have enough kids, don’t you think?”
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    Brandi Glanville
    Brandi Glanville didn’t need to put an ad in the newspaper to get her very own real-life impersonator/stalker — she has LeAnn Rhimes. The jilted wife of Eddie Cibrian told US Weekly in 2009, “Honestly, she's ‘Single White Female’-ing me. She wants my life. She wants my kids. She wants my husband.” And she got him. Maybe it’s time to turn to the newspaper personals?
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    Valerie Bertinelli
    When Valerie Bertinelli tells you to put your big-girl panties on, you should listen. Starpulse.com reported that Eddie Van Halen’s ex said of Britney Spears, “If you’re gonna have children that young, stay at home and take care of them … Put your underwear on and stay home.”
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    Sharon Osbourne
    Everyone knows Ozzy isn’t the only member of the Osbourne family known for their bite. The Daily Mail reported in 2007 that matriarch Sharon Osbourne said of Madonna, "I've met her and she's very cold and rude. All this buying babies stuff — it's like she's buying a bloody handbag for God's sake!"
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    Lily Allen
    Although this isn’t technically a parenting-related jab, we still can’t resist a head-to-head celebrity mom fight on Twitter. It’s unlikely that Lily Allen’s Twitter tussle with Courtney Love made either one of them “Smile.” The two traded tweets during an online spat, reported website Celebitchy in 2010. One of our favorite comebacks during the fight? When Allen tweeted, “I would never fight with her, as a rule I don’t pick on crazy old ladies.”
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    Joan Rivers
    Kate Gosselin’s gossip-media overexposure earned her a fair share of mom insults — which is why she was hit two times on our list. During a 2010 appearance on The View, Joan Rivers gave quite the classy critique of Kate Gosselin’s performance on Dancing With The Stars. Of Gosselin’s skills, she said, “Every time she lifts her leg, I think another kid is going to fly out.”

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