Mom Krystal Ball Caught in Photo Scandal, Tells Young Women Not To Give In To Shame


You do dumb things when your 20. You drink too much, take silly, photos, make mistakes you regret in the morning, the usual. It’s part of the coming of age process and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t guilty. Usually you just mature and move on, unless of course, you’re running for office.

Such is the case of Krystal Ball (real name!) the Democratic Candidate for Congress in Virginia that has had some photos come to light where she poses flirtatiously, and in sometimes overtly sexual ways.

That was then though and this is now. Now she is older, a wife and a mother.

After several of the photos turned up on GOP web sites, Krystal’s campaign released a press release decrying the “smear campaign” against her. She told Slate she is speaking out as a means of fighting the “politics of personal destruction,” and that she is concerned about the lack of young women’s voices in politics and said, “I don’t want other young women who might have an embarrassing photo out there to feel like they can’t run for office because of that.”

Sara Palin, Christine O’Donnell, and Hillary Clinton are all women who have had similar problems, though at times it is deserved. Krystal brought up Sen. Scott Brown, a former nude centerfold, as an example of the double standard held for men and women.

And she’s right in my opinion. Her message to young women is to “not give in to the embarrassment and shame” and you know, vote for her.


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