Mom Of Three & 51, Sharon Stone To Strip Again



Sharon Stone, at 51-years-of-age and mom to three sons, has no problem taking her clothes off for an audience.  And she plans to do just that.

According to NOTW: “The mother-of-three still had no problems peeling off despite her age.”

The Basic Instinct actress said she has no body issues.  “Is there an age when a person should forbid themselves from showing their body?  If someone is shocked they should ask themselves why they have that attitude.”

“I feel nudity is no big thing if it’s appropriate for the character.”  Hmm, so does this mean another Basic Instinct in the works?

I agree with her.  I personally, wouldn’t strip publicly because my kids would freak, “oh my god mom!”,  but nudity shouldn’t be made to be a bad thing unless you’re like some celebrity parents who get smashed and take their clothes off for no apparent reason.  Won’t mention any names.