Mom To Be Rachel Zoe Takes Skyler For A Swing! (Photos)


Do you remember that game where you hold hands with the people on either side of you and they go 1-2-3! and then they swing you? I totally remember playing this game when I was little, and I play it now when I’m walking with my kids!

Rachel Zoe knows how much her son Skyler loves to play this game too and was seen swinging him on a walk with her nieces. Little Sky Sky had a big smile as he was lifted off the ground by Rachel and his cousin. He’s growing so much and he must be so excited to have a baby sister or brother soon! And Rachel clearly loves to have kids around her – as busy as she is, she’s such a fantastic mom and aunt!

  • Rachel Zoe! 1 of 5

    Rachel Zoe is a boho beauty in a black and white flowy dress, lots of jewelry, and a big hat. And let's not forget her beautiful quilted Chanel bag!

  • Family Fun 2 of 5

    Rachel took her nieces and her son Skyler Berman out for a walk.

  • Heels 3 of 5

    Rachel is known for wearing sky high heels. Do you like her fancy wedges?

  • Swing! 4 of 5

    Energetic Skyler loves the swing game.

  • Hat 5 of 5

    Like mother like son, Skyler loves his hats! How cute are his overalls and leather sandals?!

(Photo Source : Pacific Coast )

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