Mom Who Shots Kids Admitted To Hospital

julie schenecker
Julie Schenecker Was Admitted To The Hospital This Morning.

Soccer mom Julie Scheneker is accused of fatally shooting her two children because they were “mouthy.” The mother has been admitted to Tampa General Hospital for medical evaluation and will not make her first appearance in court this morning (Jan. 29).

Schenecker, 50, was taken to the hospital shortly before midnight, sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon said. She was suffering from a medical condition she had before being brought to jail Thursday on two counts of first-degree murder.

A public defender told Judge Tracy Sheehan that Schenecker is in the intensive care unit.

The accusations on Schenecker claim that she shot her 13-year-old twice in the head as they drove to their Tampa home after soccer practice. She then entered her 16-year-old daughter’s bedroom and shot the girl twice in the head as she was doing her homework.

She told investigators she killed her children because “they talked back, they were mouthy and she was tired of it,” police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

Schenecker’s husband Parker is a colonel in U.S. Army intelligence and is in Qatar.

How devastating and horrible. Make sure you tell your children every night how much you love them. I cannot imagine the pain her husband is in. My prayers go out to him at this horrible time.