"Mommy Blogger" Launches Campaign To Exploit Hate Mail


heather-armstrong-daughterWhen it comes to parenting bloggers, Heather Armstrong is clearly the closest thing there is to an honest to goodness celebrity (hey, she’s been on Oprah). Of course — like others who broadcast their kids lives for a living — Dooce’s fame and fortune has brought with it an endless supply of hate mail. Well, what if you could sell it?

In a sense, that’s what Armstrong is now doing. She calls it “Monetizing the Hate,” and what she does, basically, is take some of the choicest of the hateful messages and comments she receives and posted them on a page that is otherwise covered with ads.

Thus, she’s profiting off of the content so graciously provided by her haters — pretty ingenious.

For any of her regular readers (I’m not one, but my wife is), you know that Armstrong is constantly receiving vitriolic hate mail for one thing or another — often for exploiting her daughters (kinda like a less intrusive version of Jon and Kate).

Is “Monetizing the Hate” genius? Or the ultimate in greedy exploitation? I tend to think it’s the former, but that’s in hindsight mostly. When Armstrong started her blog, parent blogging was a new thing, and thus more controversial.

Now, with idiots like Octomom and the Gosselins to compare her to, it’s seems incredibly benign. Maybe that’s why Armstrong was ranked 26th on Forbes’ list of “Most Influential Women in Media.”