Mommy Must-Haves from Alyson Hannigan: Not Eco-Friendly!

Alyson Hannigan
Alyson Hannigan and daughter Satyana

Alyson Hannigan lists a good wet wipe and sunscreen wet wipes on her list of mommy must-haves. Her daughter, Satyana inherited Alyson’s fair skin, so sunscreen is a must. Those sunscreen wipes are so convenient.

As for the regular wet wipes: when you have kids, they are pretty much a necessity. With kids, come messes. And there are some messes that you want to clean up and then pitch out the wipe, instead of having to keep it and wash it.

But, before you green mamas want to get mad at Alyson Hannigan, you should know this:

she actually is a green mama! Alyson Hannigan used gDiapers, shops at the farmer’s market, and was talking about growing her own garden. So, we’ll forgive her the wet wipes, right?

I know wet wipes are on my list of mommy must-haves, too!

Photo: Pacific Coast News