Celeb Kids Who Are Too Big to Be Carried


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    You know that moment: Your arms are full, your kid is tired and somehow, you’ve got to get from point A to B without losing your mind (or your child). We’re glad that at least in this respect, celeb parents really are just like us.
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    Cy Busson
    Eight-year-old Cy was spotted being toted around by mom Elle Macpherson during an afternoon outing at Sydney’s Wildlife World in Australia. Clearly, the koalas proved inspirational.
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  • Suri Cruise 3 of 11
    Suri Cruise
    Sure we might covet the world’s tiniest fashionista’s wardrobe from time to time, but having Katie Holmes pick you up when you’re down? Priceless.
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  • Kingston Rossdale 4 of 11
    Kingston Rossdale
    What’s cooler than Kingston’s kicks? Um, we’re going to go with “a dad who looks really hot in leather.”
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  • Violet Affleck 5 of 11
    Violet Affleck
    All that dancing must have taken a toll on Violet’s sparkly feet. Good thing mom’s there to lead the way home.
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  • Stella McDermott 6 of 11
    Stella McDermott
    Nice work, pregnant Tori. Not only are you carrying two kids, but you’re making it look pretty damn easy.
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  • Alexander Schreiber 7 of 11
    Alexander Schreiber
    How do you face the paparazzi with an unhappy child? Mom Naomi keeps her game face on and her son in close.
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  • Portia Umansky 8 of 11
    Portia Umansky
    Sure, Portia's boots were made for walking, but don’t they look cuter hanging off the hip of
    Real Housewives
    star Kyle Richards?
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  • Henry Samuel 9 of 11
    Henry Samuel
    Even the stealthiest Kung Fu fighters need a lift from Mom now and then.
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  • Joe Mendes 10 of 11
    Joe Mendes
    Ah, so this is the real secret to how celebrity moms like Kate Winslet stay in shape!
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  • Maddox Jolie-Pitt 11 of 11
    Maddox Jolie-Pitt
    We’re not sure we would want to attempt picking up a kid this big while wearing stilettos and a little black dress — but if we did, we’d want to look like Angie!
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