Which "Biggest Loser" Mom Competed in the Boston Marathon?


The Boston Marathon is one of the most recognized events in the nation, with celebrities among the many who have trained for months to run. Among the celebrities — or reality stars, we should say — is Biggest Loser contestant Tracy Yukich, who, after collapsing halfway through running a mile on her season’s first episode, has lost over one hundred pounds and goes into the marathon success as her only option. Read how she did after the jump.

And while her public persona was built on less-than-flattering images, Yukich maintains that she’s much different than the woman you saw on television, and that the negativity she gets from others doesn’t affect her. “There are a lot of haters out there,” the Allen, Texas mom says in a new interview.

Whether you love her or hate her, you have to give her credit. Losing a hundred pounds and being able to get a spot in the Boston Marathon? Run on!

Source: Dallas News

Photo Source: UrbanMoms