Money, iPods, Greece & Graceland - What Rewards are the Chilean Miners Reaping?


The days of a quiet and simple life for the famlies of the Chilean miners is over. As soon as they were ‘reborn’ entering the earth’s surface after 69 days under ground, they were no longer just hard working laborers, they were superstars. And they are being treated as such. The miners and their families are getting some pretty outstanding perks after their two-month-ordeal. What are some of the benefits they are reaping?

Well on the smaller scale, each miner was given a pair of Oakley Razor sunglasses. Each pair retails for about $190, but it really was a priceless publicity move on behalf of the Oakley promotions department since millions saw the miners emerging sporting their shades.

Apple’s Steve Jobs is sending each one of the miners a new iPod.

A local businessman – Leonardo Farkas –  gave each miner $10,000 when they were found to be alive in the first place.

A Greek company has offered the miners an exclusive tour of the Greek Islands.

And since many of the miners are avid soccer fans, Real Madrid and Manchester United have invited the men to Europe to watch them play.

But the most quirky reward was for the miner who is a really big Elvis fan. While trapped in the mine, he had asked for Elvis’ music to keep moral up. When Graceland, the home of the Elvis museum, caught wind of this, they invited the miner and his family to Memphis to visit The King’s home in person.

And that is just the top of the ice berg. They are being offered film, TV, and book deals as well as countless requests for appearances, interviews and autographs. One thing for sure, their lives will never be the same.