Money Wars: Jon & Kate Gosselin


Kate is not only schooling John in the public image battle, but she’s killing him when it comes to raking in the cash. As Kate walks away from divorce with job offers falling out of the sky and onto her lap, Jon has been working hard at trying to find some form of employment to no avail.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

-Dancing With The Stars: $200,000
-Reality shows Twist of Kate and Kate Plus 8: $700,000
-Her book advance for I Just Want To Know You: Six figures
Total: Over a million.

Now let’s take a look at John:

-Sale of his BMW: $30,000
-Selling his autograph: $10 per signature
Total: Insanely less than Kate. 

“It kills him that she’s sitting pretty and he’s living like a pauper,” a source who likes to state the obvious tells Star.

Worse than being grumpy, he’s mooching. He frequently asks Kate to spot him $100s and is even stealing from her house when he watches the kids! “Whenever Kate’s home, she loads up on hundreds of dollars of groceries and supplies,” but by the time she comes home a few days later it’s gone. She thinks Jon is “taking things back to his place.”

Kate is understandably pissed and likely won’t let it go on for long. Jon is reportedly looking for a job but hasn’t found anything. It is a bad economy and work is scarce, but if you were him, wouldn’t you work anywhere? Isn’t Walmart always hiring?