Money Woes For The Real Housewives Of New Jersey


We constantly see the lavish homes and huge spending sprees on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, leading viewers to believe that they are all bathing in money. Plus, the whole concept of the show is that these women are loaded. There have been plenty of reports of just how well off most of them are, but it looks like it’s all for the show’s image. 

We’ve all heard that Teresa Giudice is bankrupt, but it turns out that she isn’t the only one who has had to face financial hardship, discovers Danielle Staub, currently trying to extend her brand with illicit videos and a singing career, has discussed her lack of funds publicly and it turns out she owes money to the IRS. In addition, Jacqueline Laurita’s husband has filed for bankruptcy, Caroline Manzo’s family business has several judgements and liens, and Dina’s husband can’t pay his credit card bills.

Danielle, who recently underwent expensive plastic surgery, had a tax lien placed against her in March 2006 for $111,161 by the IRS. Later that year, her attorney filed against her in a civil suit, most likely for not paying her bills. In 2007, she faced another federal tax lien by the IRS. There is no confirmation on whether she has paid but her home is on the market and she has certainly complained enough on the show about being broke.

Jacqueline’s husband Chris owns Signature Apparel Group, LLC and had “an involuntary petition for liquidation under Chapter 7 filed against [it] in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.”  Basically, they were unable to pay off their loans. A trustee is appointed to to sell off its assets and pay its debts. They filed again in November of 2009.

Caroline Manzo, the family matriarch, has also had past worries. In the ’90s and into 2000, she had several judgements for not paying hospital and doctors’ bills. Her two sources of income, aside from the show, have been listed on her official Bravo bio as owner of Opus Properties and 4 My Mom, “a children’s accessories line.” The company profile for the real estate business lists the number of employees at 4, meaning it is not that large, and the web site 4 My Mom is not operational. Their family business, event space The Brownstone, has over 30 judgments and liens from the early ’90s up until two years ago .

Dina’s husband Thomas was sued one year after their million dollar wedding by American Express for $12,599, as well as the Bank of America for an undisclosed amount.

Maybe Bravo should hire all of them a financial advisor, though I doubt the show would be as exciting without the shopping sprees, ridiculous parties with even more ridiculous party planners, and general overabundance of spending. One thing is for sure: Debt is real and the appearance of wealth doesn’t always mean there is money to back it up. Broke Housewives of New Jersey? I’d watch.