Monica Cruz To Double For Sister Penelope In New 'Pirates' Movie!

monica cruz
Monica Cruz will be sister Penelope's double in Pirates of the Caribbean 4

There are definite perks to having a look-a-like sister! Monica Cruz, who looks incredibly similar to her sister, Penelope, has been hired to play Penelope’s body double in “Pirates of the Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides”.

Penelope announced just last month that she was expecting a baby with her husband Javier Bardem so it makes sense that her sister take over for her in any of the scenes that require any close up body shots or any action shots. The two look so similar they could be mistaken for twins! In fact when I first saw the picture of Monica I thought it was Penelope.

How great for Penelope that her sister can step in and double for her! I’m sure this will provide more realism in the movie vs. using a typical body double.

What do you think can you see the difference?
Photos by PCN