Monster-In-Law: Is Grandma Guadalupe Lopez The Reason Behind Jennifer and Marc Anthonys Split?

Did grandma Guadalupe cause a rift between Jennifer and Marc?

While Elizabeth Taylor is looking down on Hollywood and casting a side eye towards Jennifer Lopez for divorce number three, there are reports indicating that Jennifer’s mom, Guadalupe Lopez, might be the real reason the actress and singer split from husband Marc Anthony.

Call it a case of classic mother-in-law syndrome, but it looks like there might have been some tension in the Lopez/Anthony home after grandma Guadalupe moved in to help babysit the couple’s twins, Max and Emme.

In fact, Guadalupe was said to not be surprised that her famous daughter was separating from her husband and wasn’t taken aback by the news at all last week while gambling in Atlantic City.

Sources are indicating that Jennifer and Marc’s rift began right after Guadalupe settled in, although it is unclear as to what kind of impact she had on the couple while living in their home.

Jennifer and Marc announced their split late last week, after seven years of marriage.

Do you think Guadalupe was the reason why Jennifer and Marc split?  Do mother-in-laws who move in to babysit the kids help or hinder an already stressful situation for couples with small kids?  Let’s hear your thoughts.