MORE Disney Fun! The "Modern Family" Cast Tweets Their Personal Pics (Photos)

"Cotton candyyy," Sofia Vergara tweets

Okay, I am now officially chartreuse-green with envy. I’ve gone through all the fabulous personal pictures the Modern Family cast tweeted of their day shooting at Disneyland – and they look like they had the time of their lives.

Me? I’m blogging, picking up LEGOs, baking banana bread to use up some blackening fruit and giving a final dose of antibiotic to a kid with strep throat.

So I’ll just live vicariously through these candids and wish that I were there sharing cotton candy with Sofia Vergara, buying a silly hat with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, celebrating Julie Bowen‘s birthday (happy birthday, btw!) and watching sweet little Aubrey Anderson-Emmons‘s look of wonder at meeting Mary Poppins. And my son would have loved to hang out with Rico Rodriguez as he came face-to-face with Star Wars characters.

Once you see them, you’ll be wishing you were there, too.

(Pause for deep sigh.)

Enjoy – and tell us which picture is your favorite!

  • My two dads 1 of 20
    My two dads
    Eric Stonestreet (Cam), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) and Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (Lily) went for a spin in Mickey's Toontown.
  • Princess encounter 2 of 20
    Princess encounter
    "They said I was a prince and they should know," quipped Eric.
  • Space sickness 3 of 20
    Space sickness
    Hope Eric's just mugging for the camera! Next to him: show co-creator/executive producer Steve Levitan.
  • Use the Force! 4 of 20
    Use the Force!
    Rico Rodriguez (Manny) met up with a "Star Wars" storm trooper at a Disney event.
  • Lucky boy! 5 of 20
    Lucky boy!
    How many other kids can say they get to hang out with Sofia Vergara (Gloria) for a living?
  • A smooch from Minnie 6 of 20
    A smooch from Minnie
    Hope Mickey isn't too jealous as his girlfriend plants one on Rico.
  • At the gates 7 of 20
    At the gates
    Rico thanks the crowd of visitors who had to wait outside temporarily while the show taped.
  • Happy birthday from Mickey and Minnie! 8 of 20
    Happy birthday from Mickey and Minnie!
    Julie Bowen (Claire) celebrated her birthday with her castmates and a couple of special mice.
  • We’ll take a slice of that! 9 of 20
    We'll take a slice of that!
    Julie cuts into her birthday cake.
  • Meeting Mary Poppins 10 of 20
    Meeting Mary Poppins
    This surely made Aubrey's day practically perfect in every way.
  • Aubrey and the Chipmunk 11 of 20
    Aubrey and the Chipmunk
    The youngest cast member got a hug from Chip. But where's Dale?
  • Bear hug 12 of 20
    Bear hug
    We might have been scared by this guy, but Aubrey takes it in stride.
  • Making a new friend 13 of 20
    Making a new friend
    Aubrey made a Hello Kitty at the Build-a-Bear Workshop. "It's half Korean, like me!" she says.
  • The happy couple 14 of 20
    The happy couple
    Only in Disneyland can two grown men get away with wearing hats like this.
  • Taking a break 15 of 20
    Taking a break
    "My two men! Haja," tweeted Sofia Vergara. That's Ed O'Neill (Jay) on the right looking uncharacteristically cheery.
  • Sibling revelry 16 of 20
    Sibling revelry
    Jesse and Julie aren't sister and brother off the set, but they seem as close as the real thing.
  • Jesse jumps for joy 17 of 20
    Jesse jumps for joy
    Having some fun on Main Street at night.
  • That’s Mr. Dumbo to you 18 of 20
    That's Mr. Dumbo to you
    Don't let the expression fool you. We bet Eric took this hat home and has it proudly displayed in a prominent spot.
  • The view from above 19 of 20
    The view from above
    "I feel popish," tweeted Eric of this overhead shot.
  • All ears! 20 of 20
    All ears!
    Sofia tweeted, "Rico is happy."

[Photos: via Twitter]

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