More Drama For The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

More drama for the RHONJ

Oh the drama! For those of you who thought that with Danielle Staub leaving the Real Housewives of New Jersey the drama would be toned down a bit, never fear it looks like there’s more than enough tension to go around these new housewives!

Teresa Giudice has a new enemy on the show, and that just happens to be her own sister in-law Melissa Gorga! It seems the 2 were at the Posche fashion show (the scene of last year’s infamous brawl) together and you could cut the tension with a knife! reports that “Melissa and Teresa were on separate sides of the room, and not surprisingly, they were not speaking. It was Melissa’s side versus Teresa’s side. But you could see Teresa was intimidated. She sat in her seat. She didn’t move or talk to many people. She was not her ‘big’ self.”

“It all started because Teresa was mad that Melissa was in the show for Posche and that Melissa was originally supposed to walk the runway before her,”

“It’s competition, bottom line.”

“When Teresa came out there was not much clapping or reaction. But when Melissa came out the room went nuts! A lot of the guests even stood up,” the eyewitness said. “Melissa looked beyond beautiful.”

Oh the drama drama drama! But fortunately the Bravo cameras were there to capture it all! I have to wonder if getting their 15 minutes of fame is worth causing a family feud over. These women are related, they’re family, but certainly after the baptism incident things will never be the same.  And I kinda think that Melissa should back off since Teresa was there first.  Hardly seems worth it to me you?