Most Amazing Thing You'll See Today: Samba Dancing Brazilian Baby (Video)


We’ve seen a ton of dancing baby videos on YouTube and just can’t get enough. And while they are all cute and ‘awe’ worthy, few could be classified as actual prodigies. Enter the Samba Dancing Baby from Brazil. He’s got more dexterity than most adults and some finger pointing choreography that puts John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever to shame.

It looks pretty dang real. I’ve watched it three time now just looking for any sign of tampering and couldn’t find a thing that would lead me to believe this isn’t 100% real. If it is legit, this kids got cash and fame in his near future. Someone get him a commercial stat. I’ll take 7 of whatever this kid is selling. At the least, someone needs to call Ellen.

Judge for yourself and prepare to be amazed.


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