Motherhood Has Made Katherine Heigl Tolerable


heigl1Has motherhood softened up Grey’s Anatomy Katherine Heigl? Known to cause waves at work, she’s now considered tolerable by her co-workers.

Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley adopted their daughter Naleigh, a special-needs child from South Korea last year. Since then, insiders say she’s turned from a diva to a more pleasant person to work with.

“She’s mellowed out since bringing home Naleigh,” says the source. “She’s a doting mom. She doesn’t like to be apart from her baby, so she brings her to the set as often as she can.

“Katherine loves showing off Naleigh. And her co-stars get a kick out of her,” adds the insider. “She’s such a good baby. She’s always smiling and hardly ever cries.”

This reaction is very different from before she had Naleigh. In the past she’s complained about scripts and long hours, as well as sided with former cast member TR Knight when he had the public feud with Isaiah Washington. Even directors and producers are all commenting on how easygoing Heigl has been lately.

Nice to know she’s not being all bitchy around the baby. It does help that she can bring her child to work on the set. Why can’t this practice be more commonplace for the rest of us?