Mary-Louise Parker Loves Being a Mom


Mary-Louise Parker Loves MotherhoodMary-Louise Parker loves being a mom, so much so that she says it’s her favorite role. She said, “becoming a mom is the best thing that’s happened to me.”

She attended the 5th Annual Worldwide Orphans benefit gala on Monday and went on and on about how great is to be a mother. Though she did say it’s hard, “I’ll be the first to admit that it can be very hard to raise two kids, but I absolutely love it. I can’t imagine what my life would be without my children.”

I think “hard” is an understatement. Motherhood has to the most rewarding, frustrating thing you can possibly do in your life. It’s such a joy, but wow, those kids sure know just which buttons to push.

Mary-Louise gushed about her adopted daughter Caroline. She said it was the best decision she ever made.

“She says, ‘I love you, Mommy’ and asks, ‘Do you love me so much?.’ She has a little bit of a speech delay; Amharic was her first language she heard. But she’s really indomitable. She’s really strong and she’s like a little warrior. She’s really amazing.”

Her son William Atticus is now 5 and loves being a big brother.

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