Mothers Day Gifts: Celeb Moms Love Personalized Jewelry

Nicole Richie Alexander McQueen
Nicole Richie Loves Personalized Jewelry

Mother’s Day gift ideas for those who are celebrity mom obsessed!  Many of the celeb moms love personalized jewelry!

One of the hottest celeb mom necklaces is the Initial Necklace from Jennifer Meyer.

Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace – $1500
Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace fans include Gwen Stefani, Courteney Cox and Nicole Richie! You can buy a fab Initial Necklace starting at $1500. at

Jennifer Fisher Jewelry – $1500
From Sandra Bullock to Naomi Watts, celeb moms love Jennifer Fisher Jewelery.

This line is so unique but I need to warn you that you need a celeb mom lifestyle to wear Fisher’s collection.  One example of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry is the Natalie charms.

These charms alone—no chain–adds up to $12,050!  You need to go by Jennifer Fisher Jewlery because her charms rock but careful of the prices!

But you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a very personal Mother’s Day present!  Scottish Etsy store, AliBaliJewellery has amazing designs for under $100!

Picture: PR Photos