Move Over Gosselins, There's A New Set Of TV Sextuplets



Sextuplets aren’t that rare… I don’t know why anyone thinks they deserve a tv show, much less 2 shows. Sheesh. But obviously, the rest of the tv viewing public disagrees with me. That’s why WE TV is launching a reality show about raising another clan of sextuplets, creatively titled: Raising Sextuplets.

Are Jon and Kate’s 15 minutes up?

It’s a bit way the heck too early to tell, but get this: Bryan and Jenny Masche actually believe that they’re not going to become lazy, spoiled, debauched celebrities… We’ll just see about that.

Here’s what Jenny had to say. From NY Daily News:

“I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, that’s scary. How can we protect our family and do this and have fun without anything negative happening?’ I think we’re both wise enough to learn from those mistakes [of the Gosselins], instead of thinking, ‘Well, that would never happen to us.'”

OK, what did she just say there? Because I think she just said, ‘we’re not going to end up like Jon & Kate, instead of just thinking ‘we’re not going to end up like Jon & Kate.’ Oh yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Now, here’s Bryan’s plan. From NY Daily News:

“[Jon and Kate Plus 8] has really changed who those people are. It went from being a show about people who have sextuplets and twins to a show about people who have a show. Neither of them even work anymore.”

OK Masches, whatever. I’m pretty sure that the only way this show won’t mess your lives up is if it flops. I’m making the prediction right now: if the show’s a hit, Bryan and Jenny will be every bit the train wreck that Jon & Kate are.