Move Over, Jon and Kate: The Masche Sextuplets Are Back


Making a bid to become America’s new favorite supersize family, the Masches hit New York in a publicity event for the return of their TV show, Raising Sextuplets, which returns to We in June.

Brian and Jenny Mache took their six toddlers–Bailey, Savannah, Molli, Grant, Blake and Cole–to Times Square, where they hit the Hershey’s chocolate store. (Six kids on a sugar high: Wow.) Like others before them who have juggled a small army of children, the Maches seem to be using a few familiar strategies for corralling their kids. First starters, they went all ‘Gosselin’ in matching outfits, with the girls wearing aqua skirt ensembles and the boys in head-to-toe gray. They also employ a stroller caravan, although rather than use an Octomom-style quadruple seater, they put the six in three double strollers.

I’m not really sure how many reality TV shows about raising sextuplets we need, and I can’t say I’m not a little nervous that we might find ourselves with another Jon and Kate situation on our hands. On the other hand, these kids sure are cute. More photos of the Masche six storming Manhattan on the next page.