Move Over Suri: Another Celeb Kid in High Heels


My jaw hit the ground this morning when I saw the following item: Emma Thompson lets her daughter Gaia, age 10, wear heels. I’d truly thought the Cruise-Holmes crew was the only family that would let this happen. After all, according to our doctor’s take, heels on a kid (or even an adult) is never a great idea. But Thompson has her reasons. And the way she tells it, it sounds almost rational:

She tells Britain’s Daily Mail that when it comes to parenting, she picks and chooses her battles. “One of the battles I have let her win is allowing her to have a pair of high heels. I thought, you know, I am not going to push this. I can’t walk in high heels, but actually I would like her to be able to walk in heels because they look nice. And she loves them. I loved them when I was little. If I had been allowed to have high heels I would have been so happy, but no,” she says. “So she has a little pair of high heels.”

You can see her in them, above. What’s your take? How old is old enough for a pair of pumps?

PHOTO/SOURCE: Celebrity Baby Scoop