Move Over Teen Moms! Theres a New Unplanned Pregnancy MTV Star On the Way


Teen Moms, move over, MTV is continuing their love affair with young knocked up women with their new show Dev.

Devin Star Tailes aka ‘Dev’ is a singer who made the charts with the song “Like a G6″ with the band the Far East Movement.  Her star was on the rise – with a big record contract inked – when she got pregnant unexpectedly. Enter MTV!   As Jezebel said, “MTV is the pregnancy channel now, so they gave her her own reality show.” What will go on in the world of Dev TV?

Jezebel notes that the series  “will follow the singer as balances her high-risk pregnancy—her unborn child’s bowels are on the outside of its body—with her fledgling career, love life (her fiancee is a pro-skater), and relationship with her parents, who had her at such a young age that the soon-to-be grandparents still do beer bongs.” Yup, perfect for MTV.  Oh and spoiler alert! Dev gave birth to her daughter Emilia Lovely on December 9th.

The show debuts on May 23rd.

And if you need a refresher of her number one hit, check out the video below.

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