Movie Sneak-Peek: We Need To Talk About Kevin


Why so dour, Tilda Swinton? Probably because these pics of the actress (mom to 12-year-old twins Xavier and Honor) were taken on the NYC set of her upcoming movie, We Need To Talk About Kevin. For those who don’t know the story—based on Lionel Shriver’s novel of the same name—let’s just say it’s not a heartwarmer. In fact, it’s probably the movie-plot most likely to make real-life mothers jump out a window. As the story begins, Swinton’s character is facing one of the most horrific parenting situations fathomable:

Her 15-year-old son has been involved in a school shooting. As the shooter.

Really, not prime date-night material. But if the film lives up to the novel, I’ll be the first one in line. Why? Because the book is a searing, brave look at the dark side of motherhood—and let’s be honest, motherhood is pretty fantastic, but its not all gardenias. (in my case, it’s a bit of gardenias, plus a bit of son-stomping-on-gardenias over the weekend, so if you know of a good flower nursery with gardenias in stock, I’m all ears)

And, just between the two of us, I’ve had a girl crush on Swinton ever since she ruled in 1992’sOrlando. I’d see her in anything. To boot, her co-star is the no-fail John C. Reilly (Walk Hard, Boogie Nights). He, too, is a dad-of-two in real life. A duo of fantastically-talented celebrity parents acting out a family nightmare on the big screen? See, I told you it’d be enticing. I’ll report back as more news from the set arises.

Photos: INF Photo