SPOTTED: Mr. Big Goofs Off on the Playground—And Runs into a Fellow Celeb!


chris noth orion

Chris Noth, Sex and the City 2‘s reigning super-hunk, was spotted being anything but hunky over the weekend. While the trailers for Sex and the City 2 (in theaters May 27) hint that there may be babies in the movie, Chris himself has a slightly older child. He and girlfriend Tara Wilson, are parents to son Orion, who turned two in January. And as the photos attest, the real-life Mr. Big is a super-softie, goofaholic, dad-of-the-year type father. 

Best of all? While playing in the Los Angeles park, he ran into another Hollywood star, and their catch-up was caught on camera…

First, the pics of Chris and Orion (too cute for words). Mr Big, we hardly knew ya.

chris noth son orion

chris noth tara wilson orionAfter goofing off as a twosome, with Tara Wilson nearby, Chris and Orion took a break when Chris saw fellow celeb…Colm Meaney! Meaney is best known for his role as Miles O’Brien in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. He and Noth seem to know each other. In the photo below, Noth introduces Meaney to Wilson.

And then, more goofing off. Why not? Life is good for Noth, especially with nearly every woman in America—and quite a few men, too—already queuing up for Sex and the City 2 tickets.

chris noth tara wilson colm meaneychris noth tara wilson colm meaneyPHOTOS: INF Photo